A Photo Guide

to Wedding Planning



Even though there will be lots going on, you'll be thankful looking back at your photos if you keep bags, suitcases, laundry, etc in a different room, or the closet.


Windows! (they're the best)

Window light is going to be best to capture getting those getting ready photos. I prefer to turn all artificial lights off & rely solely on window light whenever possible!


Don't forget the groom

Let's give the groom a spacious, well lit getting ready space, too!



Because I shoot in natural light, my style really does reflect what's truly there! If you want to look like yourself, be careful not to overdo it. But you do you! It really is personal preference & comfort.



Keeping the shot list short (about 6-10 groups) is usually a good idea. Since you two are in every shot, you won't want to smile for much longer than this! Allow about 20-30 minutes for this.



Assigning a family member that can put names & faces together to help me arrange these will help tremendously. This will speed up the process of family portraits!


Place the sun behind you

With outdoor ceremonies, especially those directly in the sun, it is best to put the sun behind your officiant (for even backlight). Otherwise, you'll be either be super squinty in the ceremony shots or harshly lit.


Mic Stands

Microphones are totally fine! But, the big black mic stand can be distracting in photos. If at all possible, please have your officiant use a hand-held (or lapel) mic.


An "unplugged" ceremony is when you ask your guests to refrain from taking photos during the ceremony.

be present

Unplugging allows your guests to truly enjoy the ceremony without worrying about using their cell phones. It also keeps the aisle free so I can capture your day & get photos with no distractions in them.


Tell your guests

You can have your officiant make a quick announcement or have a sign at the entrance to the ceremony area.


"Sorta KINDA" UNplugged

I really don't mind if guests take photos, as long as they aren't standing up or holding their cameras/phones in the aisle. Ultimately, it's entirely up to you how unplugged you ask your guests to be!


We can do your day how YOU want! But, you will be so thankful that you create time for the two of you & these portraits.


If we do a first look, that will fill this first time slot for portraits.



Right after you walk down the aisle, let's capture that joyful energy! We can adjust the time slot to your timeline.



This is the best light of the day! This might be the same as post-ceremony, depending on your timeline. But if sunset happens at a different time, we can sneak away for a little bit and finish out your portraits.

If there's only enough time for one photo slot, sunset is the BEST time!



Colorful lights are SO super fun for party time, but they're not the best for the first dance or parent dances. If your DJ has these, just ask that he keep them off for those moments. After that, feel free go crazy!



I'll be out on the dance floor with you & your guests, up close & personal with my camera and awkward dancing. That said, don't ever be afraid to grab me & ask for a picture with a friend at the reception - it's what I'm there for!

& that's it!

I am always here to help you, so don't hesitate to get in touch! I really enjoy planning, more than I'd like to admit - I'm weird like that.

okay, talk to ya real soon!!